Being a parent is the most important job on earth, but we all know it can be challenging at times. With the help of our incredible volunteers, our local NCT communities help you to combat isolation, make new friends, share stories and information, and most importantly, have fun with your baby.

Local parent support activities


NCT meet-ups are a chance for expectant parents and those with babes in arms to get together and informally share stories about their parenting adventures. These can be held in someone's home or a local café or similar.

Bumps and Babies

Bumps and Babies events are a fun and informal way for parents/carers, babies and parents-to-be to meet, play and make new friends. They’re usually held in a local hall or centre and can include inviting external guests.

Bumps, Babies and Beyond

Bumps, Babies and Beyond are an NCT meet-up for more mobile babies. Some local NCT communities have large halls full of development play equipment, while some are smaller. All are a great chance to connect with other parents and watch your babies and toddlers learn to socialise. Plus, there’s usually cake, too.

Loan and equipment hire

Some local NCT groups provide a loan or hire service of items that can help with your parenting choices. These may be cloth nappy libraries, baby-carrying or sling libraries, breast-pump hire and valley cushion loans.

Support your local NCT community

Volunteer with your local group

With your help, NCT can continue to support parents locally. Why not volunteer while you benefit from these local meet-ups? Volunteers, often with a baby on the hip, help to organise, promote and welcome new parents.

To find what difference you can make, contact your local NCT community.

Donate and help your local NCT community

Did your local NCT help you? Your donation can help keep a local group active by helping with the cost of venues, promotion of events, purchasing equipment and help with general running costs. Even a small donation could make a difference. Please help NCT to help others.

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Local activities and meetups

Father and baby
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Support our campaign for postnatal mental health
Support our campaign for postnatal mental health

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