NCT volunteers are often parents or grandparents themselves but those who are not parents volunteer too.  We have men and women volunteers and often those who are thinking about a career looking after children or working as a midwife or a health visitor volunteer.  We believe everyone has something to contribute and that we can support everyone to be involved.

How do I start volunteering for NCT?

The easiest way is to contact your local branch, tell us what your interests and skills are and find out what opportunities there are currently.

If you can't find your local branch or find out that it is dormant, contact our enquiries team on 0300 330 0700. We're always keen to hear from people interested in reviving their local branch, and will give you all the tools and support you need to get it up and running again!

If you are already a volunteer, you can find information and resources for volunteers on Babble.

Local activities and meetups

Father and baby
First Father's Day? We’re here with tips and support. 
Support our campaign for postnatal mental health
Support our campaign for postnatal mental health

Courses & workshops

NCT Signature antenatal

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NCT Essentials antenatal

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NCT Refresher antenatal

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